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Have you tried maid services in the past and been disappointed by the job they did or the prices they charged? At, we hear complaints like that about other Coon Rapids maid service companies. That's why we have customized our services and prices to fit the various needs of our customers. We don't have package prices that include a list of MN cleaning services that you don't even want. When you contact, your Coon Rapids house cleaning company, we come to your home and find out exactly what you need done. We then present you with a free estimate based on those needs so you can decide if you want to hire our crews to do those services for you. With our competitive and affordable prices, we are confident you will choose us over other Coon Rapids MN maid services. We guarantee your satisfaction or we will do what it takes to make you happy. Contact today for all your Coon Rapids home cleaning needs.

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When you hire a private housekeeper rather than a full service Coon Rapids house cleaning company like, you have so many other things to worry about. For one thing, you have to find someone you trust to clean your home and treat your belongings with respect. In addition, you have to think about the tax situation. You either have to take the taxes out of their pay or provide them with a 1099 so they can take the taxes out on their own. But when you hire, we do all of that for you and more. Our applicants are thoroughly screened and they don't come to your home unless they have a clean record. We also handle all of the tax and other paperwork associated with hiring an employee. All you have to do is make a simple phone call to and we do the rest. Our staff knows you will appreciate the job that we do because our staff is fully trained and we use the best quality supplies for the best cleaning job possible. Make the call to today see how easy it really can be. in Coon Rapids provides Cleaning Services in the following zip codes in Coon Rapids MN: 55448, 55433 is here to help with your cleaning needs in Coon Rapids, MN! We have cleaning pros to handle your mess.

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We've have serviced the Coon Rapids area for 7 years and have been choosen as the exclusive maid service company for The Coon Rapids real estate group. Here are some photos of Coon Rapids homes for sale that we have cleaned recently.

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